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Telephone consultation

An appointment is fixed to seek the answer to all your questions and get predictions. The Charges are Rs. 750 for 15 mins consultation. USD 50.00

Reports given on Career /Business for next 3years, health factors for life time, life time report on wealth and financial position. Marriage and relationship, characteristics and background of the partner, Marriage matching based on 10 porutham basis and love and relationship.

Charges for each category is Rs 1000 USD 50 per report prepared manually. Min 750 word. The report will be given within 2days and the request may be sent through email and shared thro email

Answers to questions

  • One question will be answered through email with min 300 words
  • The charges for the same is Rs. 400 USD 20.00

Lifetime prediction

  • The period till 65 years based on the dasha and transit position of the planets with min of 2000 words covering sate sati period, yogas and dosha.
  • Charges Rs. 5000 per report USD 150.
  • Astrology information: Know about the benefic, malafic and yogas for your lagna
  • Transit prediction

Astrology consists of a number of belief systems

  • Love & Marriage
  • Career & Business
  • Foreign Travels

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